The National Investor (TNI)

The National Investor is a leading Abu Dhabi-based investment management and advisory firm.
We have three principal lines of business: Asset Management, Investment Banking and Private Equity.

The National Investor
The National Investor
The National Investor
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Cross Border



  • From its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, TNI advises clients across the GCC and MENA in a variety of manners.
  • TNI uses its longstanding knowledge of the region to connect its clients to their ideal partners or investors.
  • Cross-border M&A has increased significantly over the last few years due to:
    • The emergence of regional champions with excess liquidity assessing consolidation opportunities
    • Deleveraging of certain investment companies post global crisis
    • End of life of private equity funds launched in 2006-08
    • Succession planning and reorganization of family businesses


Global Map

  • TNI has entered into partnerships with Wells Fargo Securities and Global Alliance Partners to collaborate on cross-border M&A transactions with a regional angle, which enables it to tap into the bank’s global reach.
  • Such relationship is supplemented through active relationships with leading regional banks and M&A advisory boutiques worldwide
  • Referral partners are renowned advisory firms in their local markets:
    • Numerous referral partner relationships
    • Deep local access and relationships with a broad range of regional and large multi-national companies
    • Extensive M&A execution capabilities across a wide range of industries
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