The National Investor (TNI)

The National Investor is a leading Abu Dhabi-based investment management and advisory firm.
We have three principal lines of business: Asset Management, Investment Banking and Private Equity.

The National Investor
The National Investor
The National Investor
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TNI Advisory Services

  • Define and clarify the Client’s specific goals and objectives.
  • Leverage strong network of relationships with entrepreneurs, industry experts, industry executives,
    lenders and investors.
  • Employ strong relationships with legal, market and accounting consultants.
  • Introduce transactions and establish interest with direct senior level executives.
  • Customize marketing process for sell-side mandates.
  • Prepare and coach management for roadshows, management presentation and Q&A.
  • Follow-up individual data requests and track data room activity of investors.

* IPO = Initial Public Offering

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