Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy is Important to TNI

TNI may obtain personal information about you in the course of dealing with you as an individual client or as someone associated with a corporate or institutional client. We recognize the fact that you expect us to treat this information appropriately.

TNI Privacy Policy describes the type of information we may collect about you, the purpose for which we use the information, the circumstances in which we may share the information and the steps we that we take to safeguard the information to protect your privacy.

Sources of Information

From time to time, TNI has access to personal information of clients from different sources:

  • Recording of telephone calls and monitoring of E-mails
  • Account applications or other forms completed by the client
  • Transactions made by TNI on behalf of the client
  • Information disclosed on the TNI website or websites of affiliated companies
  • Trading tools or other information tools
  • From third parties such as consumer-reporting agencies, to verify the information provided and the client’s history.

The information We have about You

If you deal with TNI, the typical information we collect about you would include:

  • Name, address and other contact details;
  • Age , occupation, and marital status;
  • Detailed financial information including but not limited to sources of wealth, investment experience and objectives, risk tolerance;
  • Passport, national identity card , driving license , or any other form of identification, as required by laws and regulations concerning due diligence and related matters;

You have the liberty not to supply any of the personal information that we may request. However, failure to do so may result in our being unable to provide you financial services to you.

Use of Your Personal Information

Personal information may be used by TNI for the following purposes:

  • Manage your relationship with TNI
  • Contact you or your designated representative(s) through different forms of communication, in connection with your relationship with us;
  • Provide you with information concerning products and services offered by TNI and ;
  • Facilitate our internal business operations and fulfilling our legal and regulatory requirements.

Even after your relationship ends with TNI, we will continue to treat your personal information as described in the Policy.

Disclosure of Personal Information

More than one department within TNI may be given access to your personal information, in order to provide efficient and reliable services, and to improve product and service options available to you. When so sharing personal information internally, we adhere to applicable legal and industry standards regarding the protection of personal information. Any information sharing within TNI is strictly on a “need to know” basis.

TNI does not disclose your personal information to third parties except as described in this Policy. Personal information may be shared with third parties that provide support services in connection with your transactions with us, including those that provide professional, legal, or accounting advice to TNI. Third party service providers are required to maintain confidentiality of information they receive, and to use your personal information only in the course of providing such services and only for the purposes TNI dictates.

We may also disclose your personal information to third parties as permitted by, or to comply with, applicable laws and regulations. For instance, when responding to subpoena or similar legal process, to protect against fraud, and to otherwise cooperate with law enforcement or regulatory authorities, or with organizations such as, but no limit to exchanges and clearing houses.

Information Security

TNI is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. We limit access to your personal information to authorized TN employees or agents, and our service providers are required to observe stringent standards of privacy. We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the information against loss, misuse, damage or modification and unauthorized access or disclosure. TNI has established rigid control processes to protect and maintain confidentiality of information.

We have secured state of the art information technology assets so as to enhance security features for the processing and storage of various forms of data.

Changes to Policy

In connection with specific products or services offered by TNI, you may be provided with privacy policies or statements that supplement this Policy. This policy may be changed from time to time to reflect changes in our practices concerning the collection and use of personal information. Under no event however will changes in our policy affect your right to privacy unless you expressly endow TNI with the authority to use your personal information in a specific manner.

Contact details

If you require further information regarding our privacy policies and practices please contact:

Ms.Basma Bouazzi
Senior Associate/ Legal & Compliance
The National Investor
24th Floor | Sky Tower | Al Reem Island
P.O. Box 47435, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: (+971) 2 619 2300, Fax: (+971) 2 619 2380

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