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Terms & Conditions

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Access to The National Investor Website is provided by TNI. “TNI” shall mean the The National Investor Group, its affiliates, and their officers, directors and employees. “The National Investor Web site” shall mean the web site of TNI and its subsidiaries.

The web site is issued or approved by “The National Investor” (TNI), a private joint stock investment company listed with Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, licensed and regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The SCA Rules and Regulations that regulate the activities of TNI can be found on the web site of the SCA at: www.sca.ae.

Your use of the products and services on this web site may be monitored by TNI, and that resultant information may be used by TNI for its internal business purposes or in accordance with the rules of any applicable regulatory organization.

User rights and obligations

You are permitted to store, display, analyze, modify, reformat and print the information made available via this web site only for your own use. You are not permitted to publish, transmit, or otherwise reproduce this information, in whole or in part, in any format to any third party without the express written consent of TNI. In addition you are not permitted to alter, obscure, or remove any copy right, trade mark or any other notices that are provided to you in connection with the information. TNI reserves the right, at any time and from time to time, in the interest of its own editorial discretion and business judgment to add, modify or remove any of the information. Third party providers of information shall have no liability to you for monetary damages on account of the information provided to you via this service.

Each and every item and component found on or available via download through this site, including but not limited to manuscripts, written materials, text, graphics, logos, software, databases, icons, images, audio and video clips, is the exclusive property of TNI and is protected under the UAE Copyright Act, all applicable state laws, and international copyright laws. The content and software on this site may be used as a resource while accessing this web site, but may not be downloaded or used for any other purpose whatsoever. Any other use is prohibited and will constitute an infringement upon the proprietary rights of TNI.

TNI asserts all proprietary rights in and to all names and trademarks contained on this web site, regardless of whether a trademark registration has been secured. The name “The National Investor” is a registered trademark of the owner of this web site and such registered trademark will be asserted in UAE and other countries. Any use of the owner’s trademarks for any purpose whatsoever, unless otherwise expressly authorized in a written license agreement, will constitute an infringement upon the trademark rights of TNI and may be actionable under the UAE Trademark Laws and/or International Trademark Laws and the Trademark or equivalent laws of other countries.


TNI makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the content of this web site and assumes no responsibilities to update. TNI expressly disclaims any warranty for the use or results of the use of the services with respect to their correctness, quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability, performance, timeliness, or continued availability.

Neither TNI nor any its third party service providers shall have any responsibility to maintain data and services made available on the web site or to supply any corrections, updates or releases in connection therewith. Availability of data and services are subject to change without notice.

In no event will TNI be liable for any damages which may be incurred or experienced on account of you using the data or services made available on this web site.

TNI makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the security of the site, including with respect to the ability of unauthorized persons to intercept or access information transmitted by you through this service.

Any computer system or electronic device, whether, it is yours, an internet service provider’s or TNI can experience unanticipated outages or slowdowns, or have capacity limitations. Therefore, you may, at times experience difficulty accessing the web site or communicating with TNI through internet or other electronic and wireless services.

The content on this web site shall not be construed as a solicitation or recommendation. The material on this site has been prepared for informational purposes only without regard to any particular user’s investment objectives, financial situation, or means, and TNI is not soliciting any action upon it. Before entering into any transaction relating to any of the products mentioned on this web site, you must fully understand all risks and independently determine that such transactions are appropriate for you. Any discussion of the risks contained herein with respect to any product should not be considered to be a disclosure of all risks or complete discussion of all risks which are mentioned. Any material contained herein does not constitute advice of any nature nor make the primary basis for any investment decisions made by or on behalf of you.

TNI Web site may provide links to certain internet sites (the “Sites”) sponsored and maintained by third parties. TNI makes no representations concerning the content of the Sites.